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However, she captured Ororo and the New Mutants and brought them to Asgard The New Mutants were extremely apprehensive to being taught by the X-Men's arch-enemy, and they eventually were proven to be right when Magneto returned to his old ways after becoming White King of the Hellfire Club
The two teams soon clashed again after the FBI arrived to arrest Kevin Ford for the murder of his father They believed the film would not endure a similar fate to 2015 which went through similar production issues and became a "flop", with the issues not being placed on Boone, allowing him to write and direct the reshoots to complete his original vision

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Just glad Marvel has control of the Xmen again because Fox has failed at the franchise to many times to count.

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Magma, script by Chris Claremont, pencils by Sal Buscema, inks by Tom Mandrake; As Amara battles Selene, the New Mutants help Amara's father defeat Gallio; Sunspot learns the truth about his father; the New Mutants rescue Psyche and Amara; and Amara, a mutant, wonders whether she will become like the New Mutants, or like Selene
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When he's not reenacting the first half of Blast From the Past in his apartment on loop, he's been teaching an infant to read The Butter Battle
New Mutants: Every Member Of The Original Team, Ranked
It also allowed time for the reshoots the studio required to make the film more in line with Boone's original vision
And at Total Film, writer James Mottram urged readers to avoid the movie after calling the film "a huge misfire that even the most hardcore X-Men fans will find hard to warm to Moira, Karma and Dani went to Brazil to track down , whose power was super-strength powered by sunlight
However, before she could be recruited, Danielle saw her grandfather killed by a member of the Hellfire Club, leading to her wanting revenge for his passing

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New Mutants was worth the wait because, bewilderingly, VOD is actually the format it was meant to be seen in.

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Cannonball, Magik, and Sunspot illustrations by Bill Sienkiewicz
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Other squads of students were also formed, each with their own advisor, including Cyclops' team the Corsairs, Northstar's Alpha Squadron, Iceman's Excelsiors, Beast's Exemplars, Wolfsbane's Paragons, and Emma Frost's Hellions