Lg wing. LG WING™ 5G Smartphone for Verizon

The LG Wing in a rotated use case The LG Wing is a smartphone unlike any other, with a wild rotating design that makes it stand out when compared to even the weirdest 2020 phones
This phone swivels to offer dual capabilities which are cleverly incorporated to offer a good user experience Film from both sides using Dual Recording

How to unlock LG Wing 5G free for any carrier

In my car dock, which is fixed in portrait orientation, i can swivel the screen, placing it in landscape despite the dock orientation, and even using a second app if so desired.

Explore the all new LG Wing 5G Swivel Phone
To get it back to a working condition again
LG Wing 5G
But the LG Wing is neither
LG Wing review: learning to fly, failing to soar
While I didn't go buck wild trying to rip these two displays apart, I didn't feel like I needed to be any more careful with it than with any other premium phone
My favorite way to use it is having Maps display on the larger screen and music controls on the other one You are probably already aware that your cell phone's network provider locks your smartphone until the end of your initial contract period
The standard incorporates a substantial margin of safety to give additional protection for the public and to account for any variations in measurements The rest of the Wing checks nearly every box for an upper midrange Android smartphone

LG Wing hands

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The aforementioned Rolodex home screen when using the Wing in a T-shaped configuration also seems like a waste of space, letting you see fewer apps for no good reason
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How to unlock LG Wing 5G free for any carrier
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