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The bottom end rumbles around you with ferocity Just what are these KEF Blades really like? The inspiration was simple: to give some of the world's most talented audio engineers complete freedom to create a speaker to showcase KEF's technology leadership and powers of innovation
The variable low pass filter is 40Hz — 140Hz, and it has LFE or Low-Frequency Effects They offer a set of EQ settings that are designed to let you maximize the sound potentials of the sub

equalitydepot.com: KEF R3 Standmound Speakers, Walnut (R3WA): Home Audio & Theater

The systems have speakers and subwoofers in the set.

KEF LS50 Wireless review
So, no real negatives then
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If you have the money, dont waste it on any other speakers
KEF KUBE 10b Powered subwoofer at Crutchfield
And this integrated approach to building speakers ensures they all follow an ideal or a vision
Cooke acquired the site of a foundry, makers of agricultural machines, and initially worked in Nissen huts erected on the site in , Maidstone England Products , Loudspeakers, , Subwoofers, iPod Speakers, Headphones Owner GP Acoustics Ltd
My girlfriend is crying a sigh of relief because we have gone through all those speakers and my incessant research on them for the past three weeks! I honestly think the one star review on here is a troller who loves b and w or very pronounced treble, not that there is anything wrong with being someone who loves those things, but to give these one star is a flat out wrong The 10" powered subwoofer is perfect for smaller rooms

KEF KUBE 10b Powered subwoofer at Crutchfield

Fast forward to 50 years later and now semi-retired, I decided that after the briefest of auditions, the KEF Blades were worth having on my bucket list, while a Ferrari, and a number of other pieces of wishful thinking were not happening.

equalitydepot.com: KEF R3 Standmound Speakers, Walnut (R3WA): Home Audio & Theater
They are far from muddled and they are still very clear, but they are not as resolving as the b and w line
KEF KUBE 10b Powered subwoofer at Crutchfield
The result is vastly improved fine detail
KEF KUBE 10b Powered subwoofer at Crutchfield
You can choose from three placement presets free-standing, in-cabinet, or corner to dial in the sound based on where the sub is located in your room
It is smart and chic with a certain upmarket elegance to it What are the available types of KEF speakers and subwoofers? If you want to just enjoy your time with your favorite movie or song and not have to think too hard about it, the KEF Q350 is your ideal partner
A true 3-way speaker the R3 has a powerful 165mm 6 These are amazing speakers and I would love a pair

Kef 'B' grade stock?

Encouraged by all the reviews, and to mark KEF's 50th anniversary, the design team was given the go-ahead to develop this stunning concept for production, and two more years were spent painstakingly refining the concept to produce an edition that serious audiophiles could actually own.

KEF Home Speakers and Subwoofers for sale
I liked them for movies and for all sorts of music listening and they work beautifully with hifi apps such as Tidal and Qobuzz
KEF LS50 Wireless review
Probably the best standmount speakers you can buy, even if you add significantly to your budget
KEF LS50 Wireless review
Custom settings… You can adjust the sound of the Kube using the controls for the crossovers, and the low pass filter, the phase, and the gain