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A precision application equalizer ideal for both mastering and mixing applications, providing value-over-time If you continue to have issues uploading please contact our mastering team at mastering thisismetropolis
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MyLab & Mastering

Many producers will opt to outsource the mastering process to a separate mastering engineer, but there are excellent plug-ins available that make the mastering process accessible to those who would prefer to do it themselves.

More information is available here: Where can I get ISRC codes from? מחזה:ANGRY MEN 12 4 יחי' 1
Online Audio Mastering by Metropolis Studios
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MyLab & Mastering
הגישה לפתרונות והצפייה בכל התשובות לשאלות חפשית ואינה מצריכה הרשמה או תשלום כלשהו
Windows 10 or newer Windows 7 or newer Technical support: sunday to thursday between 8am and 8:30pm, and friday between 8am and 1pm GMT+2 +972-3-6200622 or يتم دعم الموقع على المتصفحات Chrome نسخة الإصدار الأخير و Edge نسخة الإصدار 42 وما فوق We include one revision to the mastering in the cost of all Online Mastering orders, just email the team on mastering thisismetropolis
THE WAVE 4 יחי' 1 Online Mastering is a secure online booking service for mastering your music

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Our Grammy-Award winning engineers have mastered records for some of the biggest artists past and present including Led Zeppelin, The Clash, Adele, Amy Winehouse, U2, Elton John, Ed Sheeran, Stormzy and many, many more
Mastering Modules E, G / ECB
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Mastering Modules E & G
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