What happened to monday. What Happened to Monday

But what made her do it is the point Monday pulls out the gun that had gone missing from the safe earlier in the movie
She spent her entire life boasting about her sexual experiences to her sisters, only for Thursday and Friday to discover that she is still a virgin in reality when Adrian comes knocking on their door The film was released theatrically in Europe and Asia, with distributing it in the United States, United Kingdom, and Latin America on August 18, 2017

What Happened To Monday (2017) : Movie Plot Ending Explained

Thursday — short haired skateboarder that thrashed her finger and longs for freedom Friday — skull cap wearing, smart number cruncher Saturday — blonde hair partier and cut up Sunday — the believer and the idealist Karen Settman is their collective identity that they all take on together, disavowing their particular unique attributes.

What Happened To Monday (2017) : Movie Plot Ending Explained
Thursday realizes Monday sacrificed her sisters, replicating their grandfather cutting off their fingers, in order to protect her children
She has worked hardest to be Karen
Here's what happened on Highway 101 Monday
She gets shot by an agent
And yet, over and over again the sisters continually ask about themselves with unbelievable impunity Tuesday is taken in by the authority
Also, her pregnancy will mean that their cover as Karen will be blown The Oscar-nominee boards the sci-fi thriller as it starts principal photography in Romania

Here's what happened on Highway 101 Monday

For local stories that matter, More: After crossing into Santa Barbara County heading the wrong way, the Mazda driver exited the freeway using the Highway 150 ramp.

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Thursday takes on the name Karen
And somehow this is enough for Tuesday and Thursday to forgive Monday for her actions
Here's what happened on Highway 101 Monday
Which also means her siblings have died for a reason
The picture that Nicolette paints is a lie I adore this little film
Tuesday is first to investigate but is apprehended and detained by the CAB who remove her eyeball and use it to bypass the retinal scanner system at their home When she loses her fingertip, Monday is the one whom their grandfather asks to set an example for the rest of their sisters at the cost of her own physical well-being

Here's what happened on Highway 101 Monday

He goes up to find a dead Friday being taken out.

What Happened To Monday’s Ending Explained
Final Thoughts on What Happened to Monday This story is infinitely relevant to our current political chaos
Here's what happened on Highway 101 Monday
Obviously, no one knows this but Nicolette and a few people working closely with her
What Happened To Monday Movie Explanation
It is when we find out that the children were actually put in incinerators, not cryo-chambers, this fact drives the metaphor all the way home