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After more Attack on Titan character top lists? Ever since then, Levi has been on a hunt for the Beast titan Zeke to fulfill his promise to Erwin that he will hunt down and kill Zeke Falco is voiced by in the Japanese anime
When Eren is kidnapped by Bertolt and Reiner, he leads a team to rescue him, having his right arm eaten by a Titan in the occasion Warning: Page contains HUGE Spoilers• She states that despite her inevitable death, she had no regrets, except from the fact that she was never able to marry Krista

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The other graduates can only choose between joining the Survey Corps or the Garrison Regiment.

Attack On Titan: 10 Characters Who Were More Dangerous Than The Titans · Chennai Geekz
The 2012 edition named it the eighth best, while the 2014 edition named it the sixth best
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Grice グライス, Guraisu A member of the Eldian Restorationists who played a role in Grisha's induction into the group after informing him of the nature of Faye's fate
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With Karl's involvement in their uprising concealed, the Marleyans seized control of seven of the Titans and subjugated most of Eldia with the exception of Paradis
However, after learning the truth about the basement in Eren's home, he adopted a more vindictive and hateful attitude towards the people outside the wall as shown by his total disregard for collateral damage during the Battle of Liberio four years later Her fanatical humor is a lazy trope the anime relies on way too often, not to mention
Most Warrior cadets are recruited and trained from childhood, expected to carry out the needs of their superiors without question or objection, and serve as expendable on the battlefield, performing the riskiest and most dangerous tasks and strategies while the other Marleyan soldiers remain out of harm's way She joins the military after getting into an argument with her father when he tells her they must give up their traditional hunting lifestyle in the forest in favor of farming to support the large number of refugees moving to the area after the fall of Wall Maria

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[] Berholt used his Titan power to instigate the Wall Maria incident for his group's infiltration and later breach Wall Trost a few years later to force the Founding Titan's user into the open
Attack On Titan: 10 Characters Who Were More Dangerous Than The Titans · Chennai Geekz
[] Gunther is voiced by in the Japanese version and by in the English version
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However, he doesn't like Hitch's misconduct towards Annie and quickly points out her flaws, including the fact that Hitch didn't earn her position like Annie did, instead sleeping her way to the top