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Through SteamPlay, the macOS client allows players who have purchased compatible products in the Windows version to download the Mac versions at no cost, allowing them to continue playing the game on the other platform " In 2020, EA started to publish select games on Steam, and offering its rebranded subscription service on the platform
This step, which eliminates the use of a Steam redemption key, is aimed to reduce the reselling of keys, as well as dissuade users that may be trying to game the curator system to obtain free game keys The figure was broken again in January 2021 with over 25 million users shortly after the release of the highly-anticipated game , itself the first single-player game on the service to have over a million concurrent players

Why the Steam Deck won’t flop like Valve’s Steam Machines

Through Steamworks, Steam provides a means of server browsing for multiplayer games that use the Steam Community features, allowing users to create lobbies with friends or members of common groups.

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The most notable major competitors are ' EA service, 's , 's , 's , and '
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This new home page also provides space for games to run special events such as themed contests, or to highlight new types of content supported by their Workshop
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Players can add non-Steam games to their libraries, allowing the game to be easily accessed from the Steam client and providing support where possible for Steam Overlay features Arif, Shabana September 13, 2016

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Valve won't talk about how many units it's sold through Steam, but Lombardi describes the venture as being 'extremely successful
You'll never have to worry about missing out on a Steam sale again! Saed, Sharif February 20, 2019